Consulting Services

Strategic Business Consulting For Small Business

When you have a passion for what you do, and you create your business, sometimes all of the other tasks that come with being a successful business owner can be overwhelming.  Being an entrepreneur may mean wearing many hats:  the boss, the bookkeeper, the laborer, the marketing department, the IT department and on and on.  We can help.

Our consulting and coaching services helps you:

Learn specific business skills and marketing skills

Create an action plan for growing your business

Define your business goals and execute your action plan

Extend your online presence to reach new customers

Plan a new website or refresh an existing one

Determine why your website is not bringing in business

 Discuss the use of paid online advertising and SEO and coach you through the set-up process

 Determine where social media marketing fits into your marketing mix and which social media channels fit your industry

Increase revenue and profits $


A member of your team  

You can consider us a member of your team.  We will assist you in planning a strategy to realize your vision of owning a successful business.