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Original Creation Date:  2021
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Light of East Africa Missions is non-profit charitable organization

Their mission is to tackle the problem of water scarcity that many unreached communities face through providing access to clean water with water wells and planting churches to act as a means of sustainable community outreach and providing consistent access to the gospel!

We included on-site SEO, and a donation payment gateway.  We also helped with their social media channels:

We continue to update their website with new content as requested, as well as maintain their site for updates and security integrity.

Light Of East Africa Missions

Customer Review

Coughlin Enterprises helped me to launch my non-profit online with a website and marketing advise.

I am pleased with the effort put forward and the timeliness of updates.

I would recommend them to anyone.  Very professional and I can tell that they are extremely interested in seeing us succeed to bring clean water to villages in East Africa.

Thank you.


Director, Light Of East Africa Missions